Well done P2/3!

A big ” well done” to P2/3 for two outstanding performances of our school show! I was very proud of each and every one of the children for their fantastic singing and movements on Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening. They were a credit to themselves and you as parents.Thank you for helping them learn song words and listening to “Evolution” so much you may be dreaming about it!

P2/3 news!

Well done to my fantastic class for their great singing and acting during Monday`s dress rehearsal for the “Rocky Monster Show!” I was so impressed by the way they sang out and worked as a team both on and off stage. They have all grown in confidence together being on stage.

Up until the holidays P.E. for the class will now be on Tuesdays and Fridays. Due to High School changes in timetables, Mrs Woodhouse can only take the class on this day-Tuesday.  Many apologies for this changing again for the class.

I have managed to organise a visit for our class and details of this will follow in a letter at the beginning of next week. I know the class will love to get outdoors to learn in a different way, as do I!

Sports day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our annual Sports day up at Glenurquhart High School on their field behind the building.Children will need their P.E. kit as well as a waterproof jacket and outdoor trainers. If we have good weather sun cream may be needed and a hat for heads. We live in hope! Sports start at 1pm and could parents/carers come to the Primary school first though please. We have lovely banners in house colours to walk up with.

Outdoor fun!

P2/3 enjoyed learning about adjectives going on an adjective hunt in groups. We had 4 adjectives on each corner of a piece of card and had to find something from outside to match each, e.g. grey- could be a grey stone. We also did some alliteration with adjectives – ” jumping Jack, happy Harry” etc.

Today we were doing mental maths with Mrs Laird outside counting on and back in tens passing a ball. Then we tried to work out what we add to a number to make 10, doing this as quickly as we could. Following on we said ” if 7 and 3 makes 10, then 3 and ? makes 10?”

SSPCA visit

P2/3 along with P1 enjoyed a visit this afternoon from Carol, SSPCA Inspector. We learned about Polly, the pigeon who got her feathers all covered in oil. I wonder if your child can remember how to get oil off a bird`s feathers. We also found out that we should not disturb baby pigeons or squabs as their Mummy bird might fly away if they`re scared.  The SSPCA had a very long phone number to remember too!

Costume changes

Thank you to all parents who have handed in costumes for ” The Rocky Monster Show.” Mrs Haig has asked me if she could change the costumes please. She has  requested if every child in P2 and 3 could have a pair of black school trousers or leggings with their name on them please. We would appreciate very much if costumes could be handed in to school by Tuesday 6 June . This is all P2 and 3 will need to take in for their costumes for the show. Any costumes brought in will be returned to pupils.Thank you for your help with this and apologies for the changes.

P.E. Reminder

Thank you to everyone for remembering P.E. kits and outdoor trainers for Wednesdays and Fridays. Next week there is a change  to  one of our P.E. times. We will have P.E. on Tuesday 23rd May . Instead of Wednesday. Mrs Fraser , P.E. teacher from the High school will take the class. I will do P.E. on Friday as normal with them.